We have an in house specialist commercial team who have worked on projects up and down the country helping businesses to produce their own electricity on site and help to reduce their energy bills. Solar PV is an incredible opportunity for your business.

Every system that we install is purposely designed to maximise returns and are always completed to your specific requirements – whether it be a small local business or a larger corporation both in rural and urban areas.

Energy prices are rising quickly and have been predicted to double over the next decade. By installing Solar PV to your business you are securing the costs of your business against rising costs and you will be seen to have that advantage over your competitors – in today’s climate both economic and meteorological, those seen to be doing their bit towards reducing their carbon footprint are favoured when it comes to business it also demonstrates your green credentials to customers and indeed, the industry. Another advantage (if you need one) is that the equipment is located on the roof, saving valuable space within your business facility.

ISO 14001 is increasingly used as a prerequisite for many partnerships, therefore installing a Solar PV system is the logical step to make to increase your client base. Over a period of time, the income from the feed-in tariff will repay the costs of implementing your environmental management plan and then it will continue to make a healthy return on your investment for the following years.

This means that for your business installing this system is beneficial for your company on both a financial and environmental basis. You can keep everyone happy while improving your facility.