Choosing the right panels

As we base our service to you on honesty, we can promise to always recommend the best option for you from our incredible range of best-selling panels all from manufacturers that we know and trust. There are 4 main considerations when choosing the right panels for your project;


Efficiency – which loosely relates to the amount of energy that it produces based on the surface are; so the more efficient the panel the more energy will be produced from a smaller surface area.

Value – it is important to remember that in this, as with many other things; the more you spend the better the quality is likely to be and the higher the performance of the panel. However saying this, the cheaper the system the better the return on the investment.

Warranty – the product warranty will tell you how long the manufacturer guarantees the physical condition while the performance guarantee indicates the likely decline of the production quality.

Aesthetics – everyone wants their house to look great from the outside as well as on the inside. An all-black panel coverage is a good idea to keep things simple, this also helps with planning regulations getting approved.