EPC Assessment – Energy Performance Certificates

These certificates can determine whether or not you are eligible for the full FIT rate – you must have at least a level D. It is estimated that around half the homes in the UK are at a level D already; older homes in particular are likely to fall under that grading but simple adjustments such as insulation techniques like cavity walls or more efficient boilers can help to change this. Our advisors can help you to determine the current rating of your home as we understand that if this is all new to you it can be a little confusing! We will send round one of our accredited surveyors in order to assess your home further, alternatively an accredited assessor can visit your home and provide you with your certificate and report. This does have a charge when carried out but is included when you choose to install with us.

Once a certificate and report on your property have been produced there will be included in this a list of cost-effective recommendations to improve the performance. These type of recommendation usually include loft insulation or low energy light bulbs etc. and these costs will be split into low, high and further measures.

There are naturally factors that affect your EPC rating as with anything;

  • The construction of the building and their thermal properties and performance.
  • Space heating installation and hot water supply; ultimately the boiler and its efficiency. Ventilation and air conditioning systems (cooling).
  • The type of fuel and renewable energy sources for example the households use of low carbon/sustainable technology.