Installation Process

There is a routine that we tend to stick to in terms of the process of installation. The guide presented will inform you of how to do an installation on your domestic property.

Firstly there is the team that will be with you from start to finish; it normally consists of two electricians and a project manager. The project manager overseas all aspects of the installation, answering any questions that you may have as well as ensuring the completion on time and to the highest standard.

We aim to keep disruption of your day to day life as minimal as possible throughout the time we are installing. Asking only for the use of your electricity supply, water and toilet! The installs normally take a couple of days but do sometimes run into three. This could be for reasons as simple as the type of tiles on the roof of your property – the more fragile the tile, the longer the install. This will of course be made aware to you before the day we arrive.

We bring all of the kit with us, any questions about anything that you see us using, just ask! We’re happy to explain everything to you. It’s an interesting subject and can look complicated if you don’t know what you’re looking at. The kit that we bring along will include; –


The Solar Panels


Roof Anchors


Mounting Frame



In short the process of installation will include:

  1. Erecting the scaffold
  2. Fitting the roof anchors into place and fixing them into the rafters.
  3. Attaching the frame to the roof anchors after checking that everything is lined up and straight we can make sure that the attached panels look correct.
  4. Installing the panels and wiring them on the roof and to the inverter.
  5. Working inside the home, the electrician will be working to connect the inverter to your electricity supply. A consumer unit and a generation meter will be installed to connect it to the existing supply.
  6. Commissioning the system – the exciting bit which allows your product to work and check that it is performing up to standard. Then we send you your MCS certificate.

We are happy to go into much more detail about the installation process with you. Just give us a call or send us an emailand we will be happy to discuss this further!