Solar PV


This type of system is constructed by having a number of panels mounted onto the roof of your home. Before you can truly understand the way in which this system benefits you, it is important to give a brief description of a solar panel itself. Solar Panels are made of wafer thin layers of silicon – which themselves are made up of photovoltaic cells. When these cells come into contact with daylight, an electric field is created. This field is then connected to an inverter which turns it into energy to fuel your home. Therefore the more daylight that reaches the cells, the higher the quantity of electricity produced. An inverter is used to transfer the Direct-Current Electricity generated by the cells into an Alternating-Current Electricity which you can use to power products in your home.

The way in which this system works in power generation within your home is by feeding automatically to any appliances using power – so a lot of the power which you use in the daytime will be free. For this reason it is best to use high powered appliances such as washing machines during the day as the system will not store power. During the night time or if you exceed your energy production then the power supply will simply draw from the grid. It won’t disrupt your service; simply provide you with smaller bills. There are some things to assess before deciding if your home is suitable for this type of renewable energy system. The angle and aspect of your roof are critical to the efficiency of the system, without the right direction, the panels will not collect optimum energy. It is also necessary to have a structurally sound roof and enough space for the panels to sit. You will need enough space inside your home for the inverter, a spacious loft or garages are perfect. Solar PV is a fantastic future investment.

If you have any questions about the suitability of your home then please do not hesitate to contact us.